Token Information

ELFT is used as community and game token.

Token Contract Address: 0x26B9A652e7D45fFF08f2229a835862cDC811e54A

Name: Elf Token
Symbol: ELFT
Decimals: 18
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 100 000 000

The token is deflated using a deflation model. The deflation stops when the total supply deflates to 21,000,000 tokens.

The specific rules are: 6% tax is deducted from each transfer, of which 2% is destroyed, 2% goes into the fund pool, and 2% is issued as a referrer reward (the specific rules are: airdrop ELFT to a new wallet address that has not had ELFT before, Then the contract automatically establishes a token recommendation relationship, and the token recommendation relationship has two levels. The first-level recommendation address and the second-level recommendation address enjoy 1% of the token recommender reward).

The role of the fund pool: activate the protection mechanism when the token price drops too much, and buy back ELFT and Elf NFT.


EG is an in-game token that can be generated in PVE, PVP and other game sessions, and EG can be exchanged for ELFT.

EG can be used to upgrade props, equipment and other uses, and there are a large number of scenarios in which it can be used within the game.

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