In the story, the elves and humans initially do not distinguish each other and belong to the same species. Over time, some of the creatures evolved to form humans. This statement is mentioned many times in the story, but is not confirmed. Mew is considered to be the ancestor of elves, which evolved into other elves. The earliest humans were born millions of years ago in the Stone Age. In biology and genetics, all elves belong to different branches of the same species, so it is possible for even different species of elves to lay eggs in the Incubation House.

In Elfworld, the term evolution refers to the process of transforming an elf into another elf when it reaches a certain stage of growth, or under certain conditions. Evolution is not just about getting bigger, but generally elves in evolved form have more powerful racial values, learn different moves, and even change their attributes. Many elves can evolve.

By the control of elf evolution level, elf evolution forms are divided into: juvenile form, adult form, and ultimate form. The regular abilities elves are improved through evolution, and new skills of the pelf are unlocked.

Evolution Fee

Rarity Cost to evolve to adult form (ELFT) Cost to evolve to ultimate form (ELFT)
N 200 400
R 240 480
SR 280 560
SSR 320 640
GR 360 720
UR 400 800

30% of the evolution cost will be automatically destroyed, and the rest will be used as project income.

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