Elfball is a game prop for collecting elves. The process has random properties. Depending on the game properties, you will get elves with different rarity.

There is a total of 9000 Creation Elfballs, 8000 of which is generated by a Blind Box purchase. Among them, each of 4000 Creation Elfballs costs 0.2 BNB, and the other remaining 4000 Creation Elfballs is purchased using ELFT. A maximum of 10 Creation Elfballs can be purchased per address. The other 1000 Creation Elfballs are generated by in-game exploration later in the game.


There are the following rare elves distribution in Creation elfball:

Rarity levels are generally: UR >GR > SSR > SR > R > N.

Abbreviation Full Name
N Normal
R Rare
SR Super Rare
SSR Superior Super Rare
GR Gold Rare
UR Ultra Rare

Elves are divided into two categories according to gender, namely female and male, and the ratio of male to female is 1:1.

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