Day Care (Pre)

The Incubation House is a commercial place for breeding and hatching eggs operated by the Incubation House couple. Players can deposit elves and elf eggs and are required to pay ELFT.


When two elves that meet the breeding rules are deposited in the Incubation House, it is possible to get an elf egg. If there are no elves that meet the breeding rules in the Incubation House, you will not be able to get the elf eggs for the time being and will need to wait for other players to deposit their elves.

Hatchin eggs

Elf eggs need to be stored in the Incubation House in order to hatch the elf, and the growth of the eggs will be suspended if they are stored outside the Incubation House. The time it takes for the eggs to hatch depends on the incubation period of the elf, and the incubation period will be especially long for elves with high rarity or power.

More gameplay

Elves will continue to introduce new and different aspects to the gameplay with the upcoming...

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