Elf in their baby form can only reproduce after they have evolved. Like real-world creatures, many elves have gender differences, and some elves can be distinguished by gender differences. Usually, the way elves breed is not known or seen.

Elf Egg

The elf lives in the elf egg before it is born, and the elf egg has a hard shell to protect its growth. Just like animals in the real world, elf will do their best to protect their elf and keep them close to them. After growing to a certain level, the elf will hatch from the egg. The time it takes for the elf to hatch varies depending on the type of elf, but if the elf egg is stored in the computer, the growth of the egg will be suspended.

Elves live in their eggs before they are born, and the eggs have a hard shell to protect them as they grow. Like animals in the real world, elves will do their best to protect their eggs, keeping them close to them. After a certain level of growth, the elves will hatch out of the egg. The time it takes for the elf to hatch varies depending on the type of elf. However, if the eggs are stored in the computer, the growth of the eggs will be suspended.

Breeding Mechanics

It must be an elf of the opposite gender.

Any variety of NFT characters can be used.

Parents cannot reproduce with their offspring.

Only elves in adult and ultimate forms can reproduce. Elves in juvenile form cannot reproduce.

Neither elf bred more than 7 times.

Players who use female elves need to pay ELFT as breeding cost.

The male and female elf breeding cooling off period is the same as the incubation period, and only after the cooling off period can they be allowed to enter a new round of breeding.

Breeding Cost

Players are required to pay ELFT for breeding, as determined by the number of breeding. the ELFT charge is partially variable and can be adjusted at any time based on economic factors.

Number of breeding Cost(ELFT)
1 200
2 300
3 500
4 800
5 1300
6 2100
7 3400

30% of the reproduction cost will be automatically destroyed, and the rest will be used as project income.


Elf Eggs need to be sent to the Incubation House for incubation.

The incubation time period is calculated based on the rarity of the female elves.

Depending on how many litters were bred, plus reproductive losses, 2 days is added for each litter. For example, 2 days is added for the reproductive loss of the second litter.

Incubation Period of Creation Elves

Rarity Incubation period
N 7 Days
R 7 Days
SR 7 Days
SSR 7 Days
GR 7 Days
UR 7 Days

Incubation Period of Non-Creation Elves

Rarity Incubation period
N 12 Days
R 11 Days
SR 10 Days
SSR 9 Days
GR 8 Days
UR 7 Days

There will be more new ways to play in the future, in which the elf will hatch eggs in the house they build.

Breeding Results

You can only get 1 Elf Egg per breeding.

Players of female elves will get the Elf Eggs produced by breeding.

Male elf players receive a quarter of the reproduction fee in return.

The Elf Eggs gives birth to the elves of the lowest form.

The elves reproduce to produce offspring elves, and the offspring's regular abilities have a random probability of plus or minus 10% according to the offspring's own NFT character value.

Elf breeding produces offspring elves, and the regular ability of offspring has a plus or minus 10% random probability according to the its own NFT role value.

Two-elves breeding may produce new NFT characters, and their rarity determines the probability of offspring with high rarity.

Weights N=1 R=2 SR=3 SSR=4 GR=5 UR=6
Weight sum=2 81.50% 13.50% 2.00% 1.50% 1.00% 0.50%
Weight sum=3 75.45% 17.55% 2.80% 2.10% 1.40% 0.70%
Weight sum=4 67.38% 22.82% 3.92% 2.94% 1.96% 0.98%
Weight sum=5 56.62% 29.66% 5.49% 4.12% 2.74% 1.37%
Weight sum=6 42.23% 38.56% 7.68% 5.76% 3.84% 1.92%
Weight sum=7 22.98% 50.12% 10.76% 8.07% 5.38% 2.69%
Weight sum=8 0 62.35% 15.06% 11.29% 7.53% 3.76%
Weight sum=9 0 47.29% 21.08% 15.81% 10.54% 5.27%
Weight sum=10 0 26.21% 29.52% 22.14% 14.76% 7.38%
Weight sum=11 0 0 38.02% 30.99% 20.66% 10.33%
Weight sum=12 0 0 13.22% 43.39% 28.93% 14.46%

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