General Abilities

General Abilities are the various parameters of an elf in a battle. Each elf has 15 ability values, including HP, ATK, SPE, ADF, CRE, CRI, DAM, ARM, HIT, AGI, INT, STA, STR, POT, and EAV.

Short name Complete name
ATK Attack Power
HP Hit Points
POT Potential
STA Stamina
+sta Stamina Growth
STR Strength
+str Strength Growth
AGI Agility
+agi Agility Growth
INT Intelligence
+int Intelligence Growth
DAM Damage
ADF Magic Defense
ARM Armor
CRE Critical Resistance
CRI Critical
EVA Vasion
SPE Speed

HP = STA*10

ATK = DAM*1 + ADF*1 + ARM*1 +HP*0.1 + SPE*1 + HIT*2 + EVA*2.4 +CRI*2 + CRE*2

Growth formula,about STA , STR , AGI , INT :

$$ f(x) =n (x -1) 1.17^{ i4}+N



i=Number of Evolution

N=( STA / STR / AGI / INT )

n=( +sta / +str / +agi / +int )

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